Midsommar ★★★★

Ari Aster has created a story and a visual flare that’s different from his successful debut film Hereditary. This is a more polarizing film that will divide the audience more than it already did with his other work. 

Midsommar is a gorgeously shot film with an incredible soundtrack that amplifies the atmosphere. It’s clear his direction is what is keeping his stories fresh and intriguing. The Performances, just like in Hereditary, are fantastic. Majority of what was so wonderful in Hereditary has been carried over in this film.

Although, I don’t think this film is nearly as good as it. This film is very slow, and you can feel the 2hr and 30mins that run in this film. I had the same issue with Hereditary and i’ve grown to love that film, so hopefully that happens here.

I was expecting more themes to be expressed, rather than each scene having me wait for the next thing to progress. Hereditary had many different things happening and kept me interested, but this had fewer things and didn’t quite keep me as engaged as I would of wanted. 

An overall good time and thought-proving film that is easily better than any other horror films that are being made nowadays.

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