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  • Support the Girls

    Support the Girls


    Something of a “shift film” (apologies to Park Lanes): it begins with an opening credit sequence laid over shots of Texas highways (a commute), then charts the workday at an independently operated faux-Hooters restaurant from open until close (followed by a coda). That opening preps you for the graceful whiplashes of Bujalski’s cinema—the titles play over upbeat country pop until the film smash-cuts to a person in a parking lot crying helplessly in their car. That is Lisa (Regina Hall),…

  • Crime + Punishment

    Crime + Punishment


    Crime + Punishment represents a subgenre not often seen within cinema: the nonfiction crime epic. And it’s a nonfiction crime epic set in New York City, so while it may be a rarity, it still belongs to a specific cinematic lineage. It claims that lineage when it frames members and supporters of the “NYPD12”—police officers bringing a lawsuit against the state of New York based on their claims that an outlawed quota system for arrests and summonses remains in place…

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  • The Keep

    The Keep


    On 35mm, at the Coolidge. Apparently Paramount, decades ago, told them to junk the print. No one did because it had "Keep" written on the front frames.

  • Chi-Raq



    Or: The Umbrellas of Chicago.