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  • Joker



    Now that's how you do a villain’s origin story. Make him feel both heartbreakingly inevitable and terrifyingly real. Nolan’s groundbreaking Dark Knight trilogy has rightly been praised for its intentional groundedness compared to other more fanciful comic book movies, but even those films look like Tim Burton's vision of Batman in comparison to this grim and gritty 1981 version of Gotham City. The oft-cited Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy influences are plain to see and woven deeply into…

  • Roma



    Imagine if you could recreate your memories of childhood, of your home life and your neighborhood, of the activity around you, full of rich, immersive detail. You wouldn’t merely see the living space along with its furniture and decorations; you’d see the people living there, the people who meant the most to you and those whom you found unusual. You wouldn’t merely hear the conversations; you’d hear the sounds of daily routines and activity in the surrounding neighborhood. There would…

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  • Naked


    Other than the music and me getting a chuckle out of David Thewlis' character saying he used to be a werewolf, having to spend 2+ hours with these people was pure torture.

  • At the Circus

    At the Circus


    Is there a more bold fourth wall break from the classic era than Peerless Pauline tucking the wallet she swipes from Groucho's pocket into the front of her leotard & him responding with, There must be some way I can get that money without getting into trouble with the Hays office?

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Believe the hype, folks. A Quiet Place is one of the best acted, smartest written, remarkably family affirming, heart-wrenching, heart-stoppingly intense experiences you'll have at the movies. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt knocked this one out of the park.

    The strong family dynamics, precise and elaborate tension building, and intense emotional cost make John Krasinski's directorial effort much more than just another scary movie with cheap thrills. He makes us care deeply for every member of this family and their…

  • Silence



    Yes, Padre, I denied. I’m an apostate. Years ago. I could have died a good Kirishitan. There was no persecution. Why was I born now? This is so unfair...I’m sorry…

    Surely, this is one of Scorsese’s most breathtaking films visually, with Rodrigo Prieto’s evocative, high-definition cinematography rivaling the art of last century’s master Japanese filmmakers. The lush landscapes full of gorgeous earthy blues, grays, and greens stretch out into fog and rain, interspersed with buildings of exquisite human craftsmanship. Amidst…