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  • The Dirties

    The Dirties

    Wow, where do I even begin.

    This movie is incredible to start off.  The performances are so believable and real that you forget it's a movie.  Matt Johnson plays the lead, and is absolutely outstanding.  The way this film is pieced together is nothing short of impressive.  I cannot say enough about the filmmaking here.  I am a Matt Johnson fan as of today!

    The message and story that this movie tells is incredibly important to watch.  This feels like…

  • In Fear

    In Fear

    In Fear is a tight and powerful little horror thriller that is very well constructed and executed.

    This film primarily takes place in a car in the countryside.  It does a great job of keeping you on your toes and you never really knowing what to expect.  Every turn could be your last.  But not only is the movie enjoyable to watch, and genuinely creepy at times, but the real special quality is under the hood.

    It's shot on a…

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  • The Midnight Man

    The Midnight Man


    A cool monster stuck in a bad movie.

    This is a unique one for me.  I actually saw the trailer for this a while back and have wanted to see it for several months.  So I finally picked it up the day it hit shelves.  I want to be more dissapointed than I am, because I know this movie wasn't good.  But man, The Midnight Man monster has so much potential to be very cool.  Everything surrounding the monster is…

  • Piranha



    A well presented, well directed "B-Movie."

    I have heard the term "B movie" thrown around alot about Piranha.  Especially for remakes.  But the original really has qualities that are far superior to any B movie I have seen.  This film is a well crafted film.  Dare I even say, there were some pretty good acting performances that stood out.  The cinematography is truly what standa out the most about this movie.  The underwater scenes were very well done and cinematic.…