BlacKkKlansman ★★★½

All over the place in ways both exhilarating and enervating. I love the Fulleresque moments of Ron challenging Flip's indifference to the Klan by pointing out his Jewish identity, and the climactic juxtaposition of Birth of a Nation with Belafonte's calmly told story of white atrocity is simultaneously a tamer and purer rendition of the racist cultural kaleidoscope that ended Bamboozled. But the endless winks toward Trump quickly grow tiresome, and the ease with which the film slides from the police's mistrust of Ron to broad, jovial acceptance by his peers makes some late attempts to dig into the racism of police feel like a rushed afterthought. Lee's best and worst attributes are on display in everything he does, and for all my misgivings about this, its funny comedy, moments of formal dazzle, and the gloriously creepy-banal performance Grace gives as David Duke maintains Lee's strong recent streak.