Escape from Tomorrow

Escape from Tomorrow ½

I've seen terms like "innovative" and "groundbreaking" tossed around regarding this film's wretchedly overhyped production but I defy anyone to actually explain what is innovative about this film. (Jafar Panahi has made two films under house arrest in an oppressive theocratic dictatorship. THAT'S groundbreaking. You know who's taken a camera into Disney World and filmed shit? Every fucking family that's ever been to Disney World.) Mistaking "not normal" for "surreal," the film traipses about with its awful protagonist as he stalks teenage girls, neglects his children and hallucinates the exact same thing over and over again, with every remotely complex shot clearly done in another location in front of a green screen or just on a set.Too glib and cynical to pass official channels of Disney approval but too chickenshit in following through on its half-understood concept of irony to be a proper critique of the capitalist dream world Disney offers to guests, ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW is pure drivel, neither funny nor scary as it finds its only focus in its enthusiastic hatred of women. Am I reviewing the hype? Yeah, sure, probably. But the critics who shit themselves over this at Sundance reviewed the press kit, so whatever.