Heat ★★★★★

I've become such a hardcore Mann fan over the last four years yet I hadn't seen this since I was a teen. Unsurprisingly, it's only better now that I'm paying attention: its editing is a thing of beauty, and I can see where Nolan fucked up in trying to steal from it. Mann often cuts from a motion that betrays intent to its completed action, which could be confusing but instead gives in an instant a complete mental picture of what was skipped, be it planning or a quickie. As a meeting between two New Hollywood method giants each giving his last unimpeachable film performance, it's overblown. But the succinctness of detail that characterizes this 3-hour film (and God, does it not feel that long) constantly builds out from its marquee billing into a terse epic, and it's rather fitting that the sense of unstoppable decline in De Niro and Pacino's characters precipitated their own respective collapses.