Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind ★★★★★

Miyazaki's most hellish vision of nature's ability to push back against the waste and ruin of Man. Eden as a vision of paradise lost: an unspeakably beautiful world utterly fatal to humans. The minutiae of the film is so fascinating: the careful documentation of Nausicaa dumping a shotgun shell around the eye of a hardened, giant bug and sparking a flame to loosen the lens, the way that living Ohms move with the segmented, undulating motion of caterpillars. Its sense of scale is exquisite, and the use of both horizontal and vertical space to de-emphasize the importance of people against a world that has evolved past them is suitably unnerving. And through it all, hope shines, finding in its heroine a figure seeking to find the balance for man and nature to coexist without one killing the other. My favorite Miyazaki.