Rollerball ★★½

Sloppier than I've ever seen McTiernan, yet even as he dives fully into the grimy mechanics of the sport Jewison's original handled perfunctorily, it gets at the broader social implications better. Where the corporate overlords of the old version inexplicably keep Rollerball free of heroes to promote collective docility, McT 's execs understand that heroes and star athletes sell the merchandise that makes them money. Axial cuts over shoulders to onlooking overseers say more about the asphyxiating control exerted over these social control props than the ritzy backroom meetings Caan had to attend to when all the momentum got let out of the film. Still chaotic in a way I don't expect from this director, who could make even the endless jungle of PREDATOR seem clearly oriented in his shot patterns, but not deserving of the scorn heaped upon it.