Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★½

You can tell that at one point this movie was going to be at least partially oriented as a satire of contemporary IP mining (presumably this is what Terrence Nance brought to the project and what ultimately got him sacked), but otherwise this is just an endless array of the Warner library being a background object to a DISMAL Looney Tunes adventure; Bugs is depicted as such a mewling, cowardly loser it's a wonder that Chuck Jones or Tex Avery didn't punch through their coffin lids to come avenge his honor. Weirdest of all is that amid all the obsequious depiction of LeBron as a basketball god there is a genuinely compelling idea for a story about how someone groomed from childhood to train endlessly for stardom might have been left wholly unable to relate to his own children in any normal way.

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