Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★½

I don't understand why Marvel films have to look like such ass half the time. I also think that Vulture is made into a compelling villain with a good contrast to the hero, then simplified from there into a merciless arms dealer (the time leap from construction manager to elaborate arms manufacturer is the film's most interesting story, and one lost in a single edit). Holland makes a fine Spidey, believably dorky while also sparing us a third recounting of an origin story to jump right into him still attempting to navigate a new life. The action scenes are regrettably clumsy and Keaton gives far too good a performance for a villain so aggressively reduced to narrow-mindedness; a better movie would have spent more time on his justifiable loathing of Tony Stark's profiteering hypocrisy, where here we see Tony at his most arrogant and controlling yet are still encouraged to view him as ultimately wise and correct. In spite of it all, I really liked how this film presented Spider-Man as guileless, earnestly seeking to do good and also do as little harm as possible. Too many superhero movies end with the villains being destroyed; it's nice to see a hero really try to take baddies into custody instead.