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  • Shampoo



    my warren beatty fucks? double feature:
    BONNIE & CLYDE: warren beatty can't fuck
    SHAMPOO: warren beatty fucks (everyone, all the time, god help him)

  • Music and Lyrics

    Music and Lyrics


    picture this: it is 2006 and you are 13 years old, having a wild night at a britney spears concert. she finishes a song, then announces that andrew ridgeley (you know, the member of wham! that's not george michael) is going to sing a song he wrote. everyone in the audience sits down and goes completely silent. andrew ridgeley proceeds to sing a VERY mediocre piano ballad about how he's useless and living in the past. you, and the entire audience of teens around you, give him a standing ovation.

    that's basically what happens in this movie and i am shocked

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  • Anna Christie

    Anna Christie


    i love how greta garbo always has the energy of frowning while nonchalantly gesturing with a cigarette in her hand even when there are no cigarettes in the scene at all. also spent this whole film thinking about how much i wished john gilbert was in this and about jack nicholson playing eugene o'neill in REDS (both things made me sad).

    (3/10 from 1930)

  • I Love You Again

    I Love You Again


    give me 10 more hours of bill powell trampling through bushes in a boy scout uniform and making cooing bird noises

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  • Fyre



    sometimes ya just gotta suck dick so you can get your shipment of evian water out of bahamian customs i guess

  • National Theatre Live: Fleabag

    National Theatre Live: Fleabag


    phoebe waller-bridge doing an impression of tube rodent >>> everything shakespeare ever wrote