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  • Shampoo



    my warren beatty fucks? double feature:
    BONNIE & CLYDE: warren beatty can't fuck
    SHAMPOO: warren beatty fucks (everyone, all the time, god help him)

  • Music and Lyrics

    Music and Lyrics


    picture this: it is 2006 and you are 13 years old, having a wild night at a britney spears concert. she finishes a song, then announces that andrew ridgeley (you know, the member of wham! that's not george michael) is going to sing a song he wrote. everyone in the audience sits down and goes completely silent. andrew ridgeley proceeds to sing a VERY mediocre piano ballad about how he's useless and living in the past. you, and the entire audience of teens around you, give him a standing ovation.

    that's basically what happens in this movie and i am shocked

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  • Sweet Bird of Youth

    Sweet Bird of Youth


    i've been extremely into sweaty melodramas about people in the south recently and this one definitely get bonus points for being in cinemascope and featuring paul newman rolling a joint. the camp value is so high and i loved the use of flashback in this a lot even though it's a stylistic/writing choice that often feels contrived to me. also love the way the women in this movie are the ones who discretely hold all the power while the men…

  • Niagara



    max showalter is so goofy in this movie with his dopey high-waisted pants and jolly face and weird giggle like what is this man doing it’s like he’s in a completely different movie than everyone else (except his boss and his boss’s wife who are also chaos) i cannot stop laughing

    also as someone who grew up in buffalo and has been to all of these locations innumerable times, it was very fun to be like “wow where jean peters is standing is where that kid from high school orchestra didn’t wear the rain poncho and a bird shit on him!”

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  • Fyre



    sometimes ya just gotta suck dick so you can get your shipment of evian water out of bahamian customs i guess

  • National Theatre Live: Fleabag

    National Theatre Live: Fleabag


    phoebe waller-bridge doing an impression of tube rodent >>> everything shakespeare ever wrote