Annette ★★★★½

HAHA i saw this at lincoln center followed by a reluctant q&a by leos carax where he said that sparks originally approached him about making a musical about ingmar bergman being trapped in hollywood (he said no to that because he didn't want to make a movie about a character named bergman ??? help) and that he could not remember the last time he watched a movie. from the q&a it sounds like this was very much 50% sparks 50% carax and that is definitely the vibe, and the music is so fuckinggggg goood my music composition degree is simply lapping this shit up i'm obsessed. sparks isn't gonna win the oscar they deserve for this because the academy has bad taste in music BUT i think that adam driver should have to perform his sexy club song in front of all of hollywood. and SPEAKING of my boy adam, his best performance, this film uses him in ALL the right ways, he's so fucking bizarre in this again i am OBSESSED. carax said he thinks adam driver and denis lavant are similar because they both remind him of monkeys. SIR. and going back to the music i think it is iconic that there's an atonal song about a bitter accompanist. inject it into my veins. and marion cotillard singing while smoking and using the toilet, and wearing that swamp monster costume with boney horned shoulders!!!! and every time they cut to that celebrity news channel it made me laugh very hard!!! i am simply buzzing, the puppet is my new favorite meme, apparently adam driver helped direct his costar in that last scene, and as i was leaving the theater i walked right next to cannes best director winner leos carax for like 30 seconds and felt crazy. anyway! insane evening goodnight bbs gonna go listen to some sparks and never sleep again!

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