Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

this was so excruciating. i have delayed watching this movie for as long as possible because i knew it would be exactly that. part of the reason why i put off watching it for so long was because i hate finishing things that i love (i refused to watch the finale of THE NEWSROOM for like 6 months after i binged the rest of it in a few weeks, also i refused to watch this yet rewatched BEFORE SUNRISE 3 times my senior year of college, lmao) and also because i could not bear to experience the possibility of these characters growing apart. i'm sure i'll love this more when i see it again—and yes i already did love this, but right now i just feel raw—but spending this whole movie trying to decide who i agree with (I AM A FOOL! THE POINT OF THESE MOVIES IS THAT NEITHER OF THEM IS EVER RIGHT!) and watching all their small betrayals build and build, it's overwhelming. i think this is absolutely the perfect end to this trilogy. it still hurts.

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