House of Gucci

House of Gucci ★★★

i am simply thinking about:
1) al pacino’s entrance in the film is that he is looking at a tabloid photo of adam driver and lady gaga and he says, “whaaaat is thiiIIiissss”
2) a character alive, saying a thing, cut to IMMEDIATELY, that character dead in casket alskdks it made me laugh
3) lady gaga really hamming it up sucking on a spoon she used to stir her coffee

so silly, somehow adam driver is the least unhinged person in this movie, it’s exactly the vibe i wanted it to be, and i learned during the q&a that apparently al pacino was hanging on set when jared leto approached in full paolo prosthetics, method acting, and said “papa?” and al pacino thought he was a stalker.

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