Spencer ★★★★

in order for this movie to work you really have to be on board for larraín's theatricality and constant metaphors and total subjectivity and moments of uninhibited melodrama (that one sequence that's both diana's life flashing before her eyes AND a costume showcase....i love it)—and it really worked for me. i'm just someone who is attracted to the speculative biopic genre because i love interpretation of persona as a concept when it's done in an interesting way, and this definitely is unique. i think this is just a beautiful microcosm of so many aspects of princess diana's life—i find that biopics that get hyper-specific about time are so much more successful as character studies than films that try to cram years of someone's life into 2 hours and this is no exception. larraín is unafraid to fully commit to physical embodiments of psychological ideas (the pearls in the soup! anne boleyn!). he's also just one of my favorite working directors making period dramas because he intentionally uses period media (a lesser director would have shot this on a RED camera and slapped some shitty color grade on it). and i haven't even mentioned kristen stewart yet but from the moment she spoke i was just like....in awe. (lmao cannot wait to see her and lady gaga battle it out during awards season! and also for jonny greenwood to compete against himself in the score category because it's bound to happen!) yeah it's occasionally heavy-handed and a little overlong but i'm still going to be mulling over the structure of this thing for a while!

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