The Mischief Makers

The Mischief Makers ★★★½

not to continue making this truffaut correspondence book a personality trait but yeah i did love this more after reading all about the process of making it.


1. gerard blain refused to wear a rucksack in this film because james dean would never have worn a rucksack

2. truffaut's insistence that bernadette lafont ride the bike barefoot at the beginning was a whole thing during production because they couldn't use a rusty bike or something? i forget

3. apparently the 5 kids were cast "too quickly" and truffaut thought only 2 out of the 5 were actually good lmao

4. yeah i got very emotional seeing robert lachenay's name in the credits after reading literally 12 years of letters that truffaut wrote to him from age 13 and their friendship is so lovely. like going from truffaut begging lachenay to send him 16 volumes of proust in the mail and recommending that he read literally everything balzac ever wrote, to truffaut asking him to come work as a production manager on his first proper film, and founding the production company together through which truffaut would create all his films??? god what a journey it's been so far, i'm so weepy over these letters lmao come pick me up

will i be rewatching every truffaut i've already seen as i read this book? maybe?? i've just gotten to the beginning of THE 400 BLOWS pre-production period and i'm already resisting watching it until i've read through the bits about production lmao help

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