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  • The Ascent
  • Brief Encounters
  • The Asthenic Syndrome
  • Poetry

filmmakers i need to get into

415 films

i've seen anywhere between 1 and 0 films by these directors. yikes @ me!

2 films listed for each director.…

  • Sworn Virgin
  • The Blizzard
  • The Color of Pomegranates
  • Toni Erdmann
  • The Chairs

making that map green in 2019

193 films

(and beyond)

basically i want to watch a film from every country this year and expand my horizons as far…

  • Ratcatcher
  • Out the Window Through the Wall
  • Sink or Swim
  • La Jetée
  • Sweet Charity

my favorite films

370 films

a bunch of films i love a lot (everything i’ve given 4.5-5 stars), ranked by how recently i watched (or…

  • Maurice
  • Jezebel
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  • Vertigo
  • Run Silent, Run Deep

men fainting

122 films

a cinema non-trope i would please like to make into a thing because i’m obsessed with it

**update may 2023: lol there…

  • Sweet Charity
  • Sink or Swim
  • Ratcatcher
  • The Good Fairy
  • One Fine Morning

favorite first-time watches of 2023

7 films

off to such a good start to this year with three (THREE!!!) absolute bangers after many months of rating barely…

  • Things to Come
  • Chocolat
  • The Boy Friend
  • Petite Maman
  • The Wind That Shakes the Barley

directors i've been neglecting watchlist

22 films

idk why i'm bothering to make another watchlist when i never finish the ones i've already made but this has…

  • Flesh + Blood
  • Sister, Sister
  • Heart of Midnight
  • Miami Blues
  • Single White Female

on the channel may ‘23

79 films

might fuck around and watch the entire INFERNAL AFFAIRS trilogy and ATTENBERG and NO HOME MOVIE and COLD WATER

  • Au Hasard Balthazar
  • The Trial of Joan of Arc
  • Lancelot of the Lake
  • The Devil, Probably
  • Four Nights of a Dreamer

2023 resolutions

63 films

i came up with resolutions in 2021 but didn't do it last year in order to focus on rewatching/revisiting things…

  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips
  • A Thousand and One Nights
  • The Thief of Bagdad
  • Twilight
  • The Wizard of Oz

movies truffaut mentioned in his correspondence

548 films

collected while i was reading the book of his correspondence (finally finished and crying about all the projects he wanted…

  • The Farmer's Daughter
  • The Seashell and the Clergyman
  • Coming Home
  • Flesh and the Devil
  • The More the Merrier

at least 10 films

317 films

in an attempt to even-out my knowledge of film history, i'm challenging myself to have seen at least 10 films…

  • Dressed to Kill
  • Body Heat
  • Crimes of Passion
  • Body Double
  • The Bedroom Window

criterion channel april '23

117 films

criterion beckoning me back to the erotic thriller train??? might have to watch finish the last few david lynches i…

  • West Indies
  • The Round-Up
  • The Day I Became a Woman
  • The Gospel According to St. Matthew
  • The House in the Woods

sight and sound ballots watchlist

91 films

went through the sight and sound ballots of various filmmakers that i admire or have at least heard of and…