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  • Martin Eden

    Martin Eden


    2020 Films, Ranked / All Films Watched in 2020, Ranked / 5 Star Films

    MARTIN EDEN 110120:

    been obsessively thinking about this since i saw it, so bought another virtual ticket to rewatch. love it. it's the best of the year. smart & an evolution of ideas that's so natural. a stunning audio-visual feast. Luca Marinelli's performance is impeccable -- one of the best i've seen, bar none.

    "those who build prisons don't express themselves as well as those who build freedom."

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  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette


    All Films Watched in 2020, Ranked / S. Coppola, Ranked


    visually decadent. such a clever flare of modernity layered over affectations that humanize this period piece. Dunst is great, and despite her Marie Antoinette being a vain, ostentatious royal, Coppola is able to elicit sympathy for the titular character. she's met with misfortune as a product of her juvenile tendencies, but she's in that position as a result of an awful, ritualistic system that thrusts the unprepared forward and provides little support for anyone looking to do better.

  • Parasite



    All Films Watched in 2020, Ranked / 2019 Films, Ranked / Bong Joon-ho, Ranked / 5 Star Films

    PARASITE 112820:

    "all you'll need to do is walk up the stairs."

    also watched the fascinating interview with Bong Joon-ho on the criterion disc.

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