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2020 US Theatrical Release Schedule

**I could use some help determining which upcoming releases have been pushed, I've tried to identify the ones I can and change the date if available or put at the end of the list if it's unspecified. I'm sure there are some I've missed, so please feel free to let me know.**

See notes for dates. Please feel free to let me know if I'm missing anything or if there are any errors.
Last updated on 03.24.20.
Taken from's Schedule and supplemented with Wikipedia's List.

I'll also update with opening weekend box office numbers taken from Box Office Mojo, when available.
· If there were conflicting dates, I defaulted to Firstshowing's information.

· (Limited) = small number of theaters showing, check your local theaters; (Expands) = previously limited release spreading to a wider audience

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There are no films in this list released in the 1900s.