• Unnamed Film

    Unnamed Film


    Nice little personal document. I thought the bit about Ukrainian vs. Russian language interesting given the current moment

  • The Ambushers

    The Ambushers


    I actually thought this was a little better than Murderers' Row. The parody seemed a little more over the top again. But it definitely drags hard in the third act, and the villains might as well have been cardboard cutouts.

  • The Second Mother

    The Second Mother


    Feels very much of a kind with Parasite. I loved Val's manerisms, even if she would absolutely drive me crazy as a mother.

  • The White Ribbon

    The White Ribbon


    Haneke is fascinating. Three movies in and they've all been extremely different from one another. This one reminded me more of Bela Tarr's work than others by Haneke

  • Vortex



    Formally very interesting and the cast does a great job, but it's sloooow. I think it's supposed to be a bit painful, but unlike, say, Jeanne Dielmann, it doesn't feel the pacing is inspired genius. The issues facing our aging heroes are quite different than monotony, so dragging the pace all the way down is not necessarily the right pain to inflict. Though Noe being Noe, he found plenty of other more appropriate ways to make me uncomfortable, and I liked this a little more than Amour, but maybe not as much as I wanted to.

  • Holiday



    Oh man they almost made this with Irene Dunne. For some reason, Grant-Hepburn isn't my favorite combo despite my appreciation of them both individually. But Grant-Dunne? Whew.

  • Love and Anarchy

    Love and Anarchy


    Did not love this one like Seven Beauties, but I still really enjoy Wertmuller's style. Maybe due for a rewatch sometime, I felt like some of it that should have hit hard for me did not

  • Toni Erdmann

    Toni Erdmann


    How come nobody invites me to parties like that?

  • Fatal Attraction

    Fatal Attraction


    A great example of good lawyerly behavior on the occasion of my law school graduation. Definitely the best Lyne flick I've done, and suggestive that he may have missed his calling as a horror director. This was shot like a horror movie, had a horror score, and certainly had horror movie vibes. In particular, turning every ring of a telephone into as stressful a moment as he did was almost virtuoso. Makes me a lot more excited to get to Jacob's Ladder and curious about the alternate world where he focused more on horror, erotic or otherwise.

  • The Gang's All Here

    The Gang's All Here


    Here's the thing: this movie looks great. The plot might not even be there, the songs are better in a host of other musicals, and the cast is not exactly Golden-Age A-List, but the movie looks great. I was trending towards ***, but the last number, pushed me up because it looks so good. Bits of surrealism throughout also help, but really the point is that it was a feast for the eyes.

  • This Much I Know to Be True

    This Much I Know to Be True


    Nick Cave is one of the weirdest looking dudes out there but he makes great music, and Dominik really knows how to showcase it. Really fun watch for a former lighting designer.

  • The Triplets of Belleville

    The Triplets of Belleville


    It sounded good, it looked distinctive, and it made me laugh. The middle point in particular really carries this. It feels a bit like the kind of creativity that made early Disney great