Scream ★½

Killer: What’s your favorite scary movie?
Teen: Uhhh, The Babadook. It’s an amazing meditation on motherhood and grief.
Killer: (chuckles) Isn’t that a little fancy pants?
Teen: Well, it’s elevated horror.
Killer: Uh-huh, well, what does that mean, “elevated horror”? 
Teen: You know, it’s like, scary, but with complex, emotional, and thematic underpinnings. It’s not just some schlocky, cheeseball nonsense with wall-to-wall jump scares.

Are you telling me I’m caught in the middle of fan-fucking-fiction?

The shitty yin to The Matrix Resurrections’ glorious yang. Whereas Wachowski’s film adapted to the changes of the world over the last twenty years, the idiots in this film still have landlines. Just a miserable experience, really.

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