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  • The Descent
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • The Babadook
  • Scream

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  • Gaia



    HORRORx52 #50 Screened at Frightfest 2021

    A beautiful eco horror with strong visuals, unique body horror, and some trippy drug/ dream sequences. While similar to the wave of recent films with environmental themes, Gaia is particularly well done. I enjoyed the creature design and primordial forest setting. The character interactions between this chamber piece cast were slightly underdeveloped but the performances themselves are strong. Even amongst the backdrop of the filth and body horror the wilderness supplies, Monique Rockman is stunning. If you’re game for a bit of a slow burn, Gaia is well worth your time.

    my HORRORx52

  • Seven Days

    Seven Days


    HORRORx52. #6. Number in the title.Β 

    I’ve been attempting to complete this challenge with nothing but first time viewings. Since this one was the only film on my watchlist with a number in the title it was a pretty simple choice. I don’t remember adding it nor did I read the synopsis because with such a vague title and poster, I decided it would be fun to go into this one completely blind.. that was a mistake!

    Full of some…

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  • The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter


    HORRORx52 #1 Most popular horror film on your watchlist.Β 

    Im not sure everyone considers The Night of the Hunter a horror film but it fits the bill for me. I absolutely loved this, it feels so much different than other films of its era. I’m sure it shocked audiences of it’s time for numerous reasons. Given it’s reputation, I knew it would be good, but it still managed to surpass my high expectations.

    The story is unique, I enjoyed all…

  • Old



    The dialogue is awkward, the script and editing could have used some help, and perhaps the message is a bit on the nose but I still don’t think this was as terrible a film as people make it out to be. The plot is unique, the performances are solid, and although the pace started to drag a bit in the middle, overall I found it quite entertaining.Β 

    I respect Shyamalan for taking bold chances with his plots and delivering original…

Popular reviews

  • Scream



    I will never tire of watching this film. Β 

    It feels like a sin to admit this but Scream is my favorite slasher. Β No disrespect to the juggernauts of the genre, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Black Christmas, Psycho, they’re all masterpieces in my book. Scream however, I’ve seen the most times and it just seems to keep getting better and better. And let’s be honest the franchise as a whole far outshines it’s slasher peers. Neve Campbell and…

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

    A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors


    Freddy falls in love with the word bitch in this one and never looks backΒ 

    Although I didn’t find it quite as scary, I love this film just as much as the first in the franchise, it’s definitely my favorite of the sequels. Freddys one liners are a bit cheesy but remain pretty iconic. I love the imaginative plot, the visuals and set pieces are brilliant. One of my earliest memories of a horror film is the strange snake creature…