Malignant ★★★½

The dumbest movie ever made. James Wan sees your elevated “it’s about trauma!” horror narrative & raises it with, “okay, but what if I made it as stupid as possible?” The only things separating this from an 80s Argento/Fulci movie are Wan’s obnoxiously maximalist style & the lack of that awful yet classic dubbing. Undeniably goofy but undeniably itself, as James brings his signature mastery of building tension/atmosphere, high energy camerawork, & grimy set design, paired with a head-banging score that perfectly blends full on 80s synths with ravecore edm. It’s terribly written (Shyamalan tier dialogue) & hideously acted, & I think that’s entirely the point; I went into this knowing very little, watched it cross faded, & loved it, idgaf

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