Bullitt ★★★★★

Warner Bros. Blu-Ray
Color (Technicolor)

"You sell whatever you want, but don't sell it here tonight"

There's a scene in Bullit that perfectly epitomises the entire film, in which Steve McQueen coldly and blankly stares into a mirror. He stands and stares searching within himself for anything other than the rigorous cop that stares right back at him and he finds nothing, simply accepting his fate, washes his hands and gets on with his life. Their is no doubt that Yates film is the cooler, older and more stylish sibling of Friedkin's The French Connection but while the latter is frantic the former is a slower and more complex thriller. The car chase is a thing of true beauty, engine roars and gear changers strike with the help of a raw organic soundtrack with no score is simply breakthaking. The finale - a tense and suspense filled trauma of justice at any cost, clearly homaged by Mann's cop thriller Heat, is a fantastic example of once again the pacing and structure of a fabulous edit.


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