Die Hard ★★★★★

20th Century Fox. Apple TV (4K)
35mm + 65mm

“Welcome to the party, pal”

In the grand scheme of cinematic canon, John McTiernan’s Die Hard is something quite special. Arguably the dawn of, not so much a methodical action thriller, but an action film that pits a chliched plot with a passionate explosion of the bravado (even in the most simplistic of forms) in a gigantic storm of iconic set pieces, served with a soft but brooding atmospheric character study in the likes of bleeding relationships. You don’t get better than 90’s Jan De Bont cinematography, both cold and claustrophobic. Showcasing a masterful approach of cinematic tension. Rickman, in his American debut shines brighter than the sun itself. Charismatic, slick and most importantly weighted in a film that, often enough, gloats in the absurd.


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