Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★★

Columbia Pictures. Blu-Ray
Color (Technicolor)

The plot of this film is on paper a risky move due to the fact that it's completely repetitive. You have to have something in the film that doesn't leave the audience bored and that's the performance of Bill Murray. I'm rather glad they avoided the dark nature of what Phil could've done. It really could've gone down a dark route and at few occasions they romantice those moments with comedy that works. It's a great balance between a philosophical nature and comedic, their's a lot more context to the film when you read about it. Now the performances or performance for that matter by Bill Murray is outstanding. The acting range he shows and how he balances every other emotion is fantastic. I haven't seen a better performance from him since Lost in Translation. He's great in every emotional range and I don't think he overacts in any of his scenes, he plays it real and that's what is most haunting about his portrayal. I don't really have any negatives but for most people the repetitive nature of the film is going to be difficult to sit through. If you aren't a fan of Murray or his comedic nature, you're really going to find this hard to watch.


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