The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★

Warner Bros. Blu-Ray
Color (Aces)
Redcode RAW 

“You, are Tarzan. Lord of the apes, King of the jungle”

What a great disappointment Yates film turned out to be. Every major component needed to at least create an efficiently entertaining picture is lost. The performance by Skarsgârd is both un-charismatic and lacking in screen presence. Robbie is simply the damsel in distress with absolutely no depth or intrigue, only left to either screem or dazzle in the fake lighting, and having Samuel L. Jackson spouting monologues off in the most out of place and out of touch manner is the nail in the coffin. The CGI is also at times remarkably sub-par, almost as low as video game standards. The Legend of Tarzan does, however have two instances of decentness, the ten second emotionally engaging sequence with Hounsou and 50% of Waltz performance. That’s it.


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