Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

AXS-R7 (6K)

“I can do in two days what you wish you could have done in two years”

With Wrath of Man - a cult classic waiting to beit feels now that Ritchie is back on track to showcase his range by keeping it simple - as oxymoronic as that is - and makes amends for 2005’s ghastly Revolver. Statham is suitably strong as introverted protagonist H. A simplified and easy character for the actor to enjoy and results in little depth but retain emotive prowess. The score, while often repetitive, is atmospheric and wholly inviting for the overall mood to immerse its audience. Set pieces are simple but remain effective in both blocking and execution. The narrative is slightly too comprehensive for it's own good and may have enjoyed better returns if keeping itself a little more elusive for a bigger punch in the third act. However, more impressive is Eastwood, forever in the shadow of his father but nevertheless adds another solid foundation to his record.


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