Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★½

I have made a grave mistake watching this instead of getting sleep before I leave for a 6:30 AM flight which will eventually lead into a seven-hour work shift, ultimately resulting in a day and a half without a proper sleep for me, but I was anxious I wouldn’t wake up from my alarm and I got to cross this off my watchlist, so yay.

Don’t Look Up is a movie and it’s directed by Adam McKay. It is two hours and twenty three minutes long and stars a long list of actors. It’s a satire about how humankind (honestly just America) would react if they heard a giant meteor will strike the planet in six months time. I genuinely feel as if I have to jump start my heart to keep talking about this film. It’s probably the biggest mixed bag of the year: it’s either semi-subtle or not at all; funny or absolutely not; entertaining or dead in the water. While I wouldn’t say the film is horrible, I can pretty much confirm I got next to nothing out of it. Aside from the ending I suppose? At least it was somewhat satisfying?

The cast is unfortunately not given a lot and therefore feel underused (though I did like DiCaprio and Hill; Mark Rylance on the other hand was on one and I’m wondering if he was ever good), the editing is terrible (it does this thing where it cuts right in the middle of a line of dialogue for comedic effect and it’s never funny and they do it DOZENS of times), and goodness is it too long. Don’t Look Up is at times fun and entertaining, but ultimately overstays it’s welcome and uses its concept in the most “trending on Twitter” way possible.

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