Pan's Labyrinth ★★★★½

low 9/10

(My IG followers democratically decided on 5 movies they would force me to watch. This was one of them. This will happen each month btw.)


Alice in Wonderland (literally) violently twisted into something almost unrecognizable.
Pans Labyrinth tells the story of young Ophelia - step daughter of an important fascist military captain in the aftermath of the spanish civil war - who discovers an enchanting labyrinth in the forest.

Guillermo Del Toro manages to find such a poetic beauty in this labyrinth and it's spellbinding princess Ophelia, right next to the unraveling violence that slowly spirals out of control.
Del Toro is like a hopeless romantic that just escaped an abusive relationship. The ideals and tone of the storyline are so pure but they are wrapped in this dark, relentless and bleak world.
The seperate storlines create such a wonderful harmony in their total difference.
Pans Labyrinth is like one big oxymoron with Ophelia pursuing her short and lifelong dream, the dream she has seen so many times in her beloved books, the dream of becoming a kind and gentle princess, all while the crule & brutal reign around her.

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