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  • High Life

    High Life


    well Claire Denis just snapped.

    The performances were pretty good across the board, especially Pattinson and Binoche.

    The writing definitely felt quite similar to the previous works I have seen from Denis, but with a much more heightened edge. Loved the implicit nature of the story as well as how sensual and human this film felt, definitely moreso than some other sci-fi films that perhaps lean on a more intellectual approach.

    The visuals of the film were overall so stunning,…

  • Filmworker



    Giving this documentary a 3.5/5 solely for how mind blowing Leon Vitali's story is.

    The content of this film is honestly impressive. The honesty of the film really shines through, especially the accounts of Leon's immense and utter dedication to Kubrick's work. The documentary definitely brings up an image of the unsung hero, as well as bring to light the somewhat unfortunate and problematic side of Kubrick. Yet above all, the documentary is a pretty poweful portrayal of the dedication…

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    I definitely felt more emotionally invested in the story on the second viewing.

    I definitely forgot to mention Stuhlbarg's performance as Elio's dad in my previous review. He is the unsung hero of the story, a character full of genuine compassion that is brilliantly brought to life by Stuhlbarg, and his monologue absolutely broke me.

    The soundtrack was also excellent pairing to the film, but I actually wish Sufjan Steven's contributed more to the soundtrack, perhaps even made his own…

  • Suspiria



    I'm speechless.

    Guadagnino's remake of Argento's classic was definitely one of the best films I watched this year and one of the best cinema experiences I ever had.

    I enjoyed how different the film was to the original, essentially being a complete opposite, such as the gritty muted colours prevalent throughout the film as opposed to the neon lighting and use of primary colours in the original.

    The acting performances were absolutely brilliant, I definitely can't see a fault in…