Sentinelle ★★½

The best thing I can say about Sentinelle is that there are moments when Julien Leclercq's matter-of-act approach rises to the level of deliberate aesthetic. When that happens, each of the film’s components—choreography, camerawork, music, Olga Kurylenko's solid performance—feel perfectly in sync, and I understand what Leclercq might have seen in this idea. The rest of the time, it's kind of flat, a bit too slow, and teetering over into structural incoherence. Despite taking plenty of time to set up the character's PTSD and diminished sense of purpose, the movie doesn't seem to have any real interest in exploring how these personal struggles manifest in her pursuit of vengeance. I'm all for brevity, but the ambition to trim anything not essential to the plot is at odds with the fact that this is, at its core, a character-driven story. Also, that epilogue? I have so many questions.

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