Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap ★★★

Zombieland: Double Tap goes down so much easier when I think of it as a comedy rather than a zombie film. It doesn't contain a single non-gag, let alone a moment of real horror, that has any staying power. I suspect Ruben Fleischer knows this, but that hasn't stopped the filmmakers from spending a lot of time and money on monotonous CGI-enhanced zombie massacres. Thankfully, despite some indications that the comedy well might be running dry—or at least, where the four central personalities are concerned—the movie has a secret weapon: Madison. Zoey Deutch's performance hits exactly one not-especially-original note—she's bubbly and not very bright—but she hits it so consistently and without unnecessary affect that she transforms the movie. The jokes land one after another, and nobody else in the cast comes close to that level of consistency. I’m convinced the only reason Nevada even exists is so that Tallahassee's fixation on a girl half his age doesn't seem so untoward. Madison is an absolute gift and a big part of why I'm feeling somewhat positive about this.

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