Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

i thought i was gonna do a shit review for this like all my others but i’m feeling a lot right now...

i’ve been having a hard time in univeristy and being away from my best friend and family.  lately i find myself being mad for no reason or sad for no reason and end up not wanting to be around anyone.  tonight, my best friend came to visit and we got to see lady bird together!  this movie made me feel exactly how i needed.  it was so beautiful and genuine and funny, i was mesmerized.  halfway through the movie i already wanted to watch it again! i really liked how it didn’t focus on just one relationship.  we saw into her family life, friend life, love life and how they can conflict with one another.  i always find its a juggling act to tend to all and this movie captured that perfectly.  once it ended and i stopped crying, i left the theatre feeling so happy and almost gitty.  i was dancing around my friends, making jokes, putting my arms around them, which is not how i felt or acted earlier today.  this is getting too cheesy but i will never forget this night.  it reminded me how young i am and how i shouldn’t be sad or stressed all the time.  (i still will be, but for the time being ya know).  also, it reminded me how much i love my best friend.  she’s just the nicest human being and my favorite everything.  this movie was pure gold and deserves all the accolades that are coming this award season.  i’ll end by saying greta gerwig is a genius  and could not have done a better job. what a debut!!! 

(i’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, i’m not used to these type of reviews and writing is hard)

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