All That Heaven Allows ★★★★

An entire soap opera in an 80 minute package, one so elegantly and so effortlessly done that I'm kinda in awe of how they managed to do this. The early technicolor (I assume) makes the whole movie look like a slightly faded photograph, one which has had its fair share in the light, but still has its beauty shine almost as brightly as it once had. As this is my first Douglas Sirk movie, it mostly reminded me of Nicholas Ray, who I find out worked in basically the same era. They both have a certain edge to their movies, but an edge still covered by a certain soft Hollywood glow. It's a movie that criticizes both tradition and the detaching nature of modern life, and yet it has a sentimentality to it, a hope that maybe things will turn out for the better. In the current age of irony and obscurantism, it's something that's perhaps needed more than ever.