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  • Breaking Away

    Breaking Away


    I admittedly know nothing when it comes to other countries' University systems, but "Breaking Away" seems inherently American in how these small towns in rural areas are swallowed up by mostly urban college students.

    Part sports, part coming of age, and part slobs vs snobs; albeit with a little more heart and nuance than most of the latter genre.

    I don't really know if this could be remade for the the modern audience. Too character driven for most and almost…

  • Pacific Rim

    Pacific Rim


    The anime nerd part of me is probably highly overrating this, but this was a lot of fun personally.

    Unfortunately, I can't really visualize this sans Hunham, who tries to sink this at a few points.

    On the other hand, I luckily can't imagine Tom Cruise in Elba's role. Elba rights the ship so many times in this, and his performance gives us the only emotional scene in the film. In all the random fluff for him to prove why…

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  • Suspiria



    The ending will always feel rushed in comparison to the almost crawling, but incredibly effective proceedings. Nevertheless, it hardly detracts. Stunning sets where corners merge with walls and really mess with perspective, leaving scenes looking like the Escher painting hanging in Clampet's office.
    With the 4k restoration it's rarely looked or sounded better, unless you get the privilege of a Goblin live scoring.
    Argento has always been to bastard to the majority of characters, primarily to the female ones, but the wire scene is so brutally effective and agonizing.

    Something I've never been quite sure about, but the male dancer is part of the coven right?

  • Truck Turner

    Truck Turner


    Cult Movie Challenge 2017 Week 31: Blaxploitation week

    Truck Turner definitely lives up to its hype as one one of the genres best. It walks a fine line of being gritty while at the same time the antagonists are like a "Legion of Doom" of garishly dressed pimps. In terms of pure entertainment this combination is what sets the genre apart. Noir is based in old detective novels and these are comic books at their hearts.

    I liked Hayes, but…