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  • The Substitute

    The Substitute


    "The Principal" starring Jim Belushi is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. It's misguided white savior authoritarianism is laughable in how outdated it is on top of the films unrealistic depiction of everything! "The Substitute" has been on my radar for quite a while as both films are brought up around each other.

    This movie takes all the stupidity of "The Principal" but amplifies it. Bereneger has no teaching experience, he is a mercenary who goes in to avenge his…

  • The Great Silence

    The Great Silence


    Cult movie challenge 2017: Week 11
    Spaghetti Western week

    The "Great Silence" is deinitely one of the better Spaghetti westerns out there. It has a unique setting, great score and , a memorable villian. I don't really see what else you can be asking for.

    Even though he is dubbed, Kinski is magnetic; his screen presence is in peak form.

    The demonization of bounty hunters works incredibly well, shining a light on how some criminals are just the product of society and not inherently evil.

    Would love to see original Italian audio along with a big screen showing.

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  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    Paper thin character development with cliche "authentic Vietnam era music". Movie splits the groups in two with Jackson's Ahabian group just a total bore. I don't generally dislike Hiddelston, but I couldn't buy him in this role. If it weren't for samurai John C Reiley there wouldn't ne a songle character moment worth caring about.

    Kong does have some impressive effects though. The rendering of Kong's fur was pretty mindblowing at times. The creature design was inventive, but I think…

  • The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist



    Strange viewing for me as I do honestly enjoy "The Room", but it was hard not to see this as a vanity project of the Francos' and Sestero/Wiseau.

    There were some genuinely decent scenes, but others just felt like an elongated Funny or Die skit regardless of how good Franco's imatation/portrayal is. This feeling is only exacerbated by cutaways to Rogen basically playing himself reacting to Wiseau.

    Take all of this with a grain of salt though as the audience was eating it up. I'm also not too sure how this will play in an audience with a majority not familiar with the subject