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  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    Once again it can't be understated that the simplicity and pacing here easily makes this Anderson's most easily watchable film, but upon rewatch I'm not turning my nose up at any arguments it could be his best outright and "that's that matress man"

    It was definitely an interesting watch in a theater. Sandler's years of buffoonery lead to interesting reactions to scenes maybe not meant to be laugh out loud funny getting that reaction. The bathroom scene wasn't quite as…

  • Arizona Heat

    Arizona Heat


    Taking a hiatus from the vastly overrated psone "classic" "Legend of Dragoon", I'm back to mixing in some schlock with Filmstruck no longer being a priority.

    "Arizona Heat" by all normal standards is a completely forgettable dtv action/thriller that's light on action and built around a central mystery that is obvious from the first minute it's introduced.

    However, the male lead is just so unlikable that he inverses that feeling into minor entertainment that makes this digestible. Within the first…

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  • Throw Down

    Throw Down


    Sometimes you need to get thrown on your ass to learn how to get back up.

    Just completely resonatated with me on almost every level. I have yet to see the "Election" movies or "Exiled", but between this and "Running on Karma" I think To's genre benders surpass his crime/action flicks.

    The two standout scenes for me were the bar brawl and the eacape from the gambling house. The brawl reminded me of the climax of his most recent work…

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    Paper thin character development with cliche "authentic Vietnam era music". Movie splits the groups in two with Jackson's Ahabian group just a total bore. I don't generally dislike Hiddelston, but I couldn't buy him in this role. If it weren't for samurai John C Reiley there wouldn't ne a songle character moment worth caring about.

    Kong does have some impressive effects though. The rendering of Kong's fur was pretty mindblowing at times. The creature design was inventive, but I think…