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  • Too Early/Too Late

    Too Early/Too Late


    Introduction: Once it was Fire

    D.W. Griffith at the end of his life: “What modern movies lack is the wind in the trees.”

    Rosa Luxembourg: "The fate of insects is not less important than the revolution.”

    Cézanne, who painted Mont St.-Victoire again and again: “Look at this mountain, once it was fire.”

    (Quotations cited by Jean-Marie Straub before screening of Too Early, Too Late at the Collective for Living Cinema in New York City, April 30, 1982)

    [ripped from Jonathan Rosenbaum's website]

  • Three



    of fools and happiness indices. with the arrival of arch villain with a bullet-in-the-head Wallace Chung, the plot burns like a lit fuse. three opposing egos each bent on playing god compete amid a steady accumulation of plot details that ought to surely add up to something. a moral parable set to a ringtone whistled tune whose blitheness suggests a vast emptiness, Mozart skeletonized, though it might just as easily have been Grieg. it's either horrifying or it's black, black…