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  • Bowery at Midnight

    Bowery at Midnight

    Bela Lugosi could do way more than just play Dracula. He could play a psychology professor, a homicidal maniac, a compassionate soup kitchen community leader and a criminal mastermind and what's more he could play them all at the same time in the same movie. Said movie has zombies hiding in the basement for no apparent reason. Said film is a 60-minute flophouse crime classic. Schizophrenic Bela: brilliant...

  • Tokyo Drifter

    Tokyo Drifter

    Swingin' '60s Japanese pastel noir with double-crossing criminal plotting confusion! An indestructible hero in a baby blue suit walking lonely, lost roads of destruction beautifully photographed in hyperstylised technicolour! A sweet whistle-friendly theme tune and eye-pleasing pop art aesthetics! Musical interludes and a bizarro bonus barroom brawl! Total Tokyo cool yakuza tale of colour, quirk and kickarse style!

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  • Goon


    Puckin', ruckin' and bad mother'uckin blast of ultraviolence on ice. It isn't clever but it is fun - comic beats, nice hockey action and gleefully pugnacious sequences of guys trashtalking and totalling each other. That's a good sports flick in my book...

  • Hand of Death

    Hand of Death

    Early John Woo kung fu Shaolin action satisfaction! Historical chopsocky showcase for ensemble Hong Kong martial arts legend whack-arounds and team-ups to take down oppressive anti-Shaolin villainy! Jackie Chan wields the Little Eagle God Lance in style! Sammo Hung packs punch as a dastardly henchman with hilarious buck-teeth! Who cares about a slight, formulaic plot when there's this much nascent star power on display and Seventies Shaolin showdown fun to soak up?!