Predictions/ theories

✔︎ Evan Peters will return as QuickSilver from another dimension, setting up the X-Men
✔︎ Vision will not return to the current timeline 
✔︎ There will be a post credit scene setting up Spider-Man 3, confirming it will deal with the multiverse, along with a title reveal
✔︎ Wanda will completely lose the plot and accidentally bend the universe in the last episode
✔︎ Wanda will somehow be set up as the main antagonist of Doctor Strange 2
✔︎ Doctor strange will appear at some point
✔︎ For the first 7 episodes the audience is going to be completely in the dark as to what is really happening, but in the final episode, the curtain will be pulled back and we’ll see where Wanda really is, how she’s doing this, the effects it’s happening in the real world etc.
✔︎ Asian Jim and his forces will catch wind of what Wanda is doing and go to stop her.

Well id say 2/8 is pretty good

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