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  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    The most gorgeous The Three Stooges movie.

  • Have Sword Will Travel

    Have Sword Will Travel


    1. Hardly any word is touching the main subject of BAO BIAO. If the eyes in this movie of gazes would be blackened one would maybe miss that this is a love story.
    2. The first ten minutes exhibit the oblique leaving of a magic realm. Omnipresent flowers disappear without explication. Romanticism ends, fighting and mistrust begin. The last ten minutes celebrate one heroically tragic death. The art of dying as opera without singing. In-between: waiting, trying out limits, looking, living with intricacy.

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  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    After a symbolic second birth we see Brad Pitt sucking for food on a nipple fitted on the wall of his spacecraft ... and AD ASTRA acts as if nothing strange is happening. 'nuff said. Masterpiece.

  • Prometheus



    The thing I like the most about this film – this film torn between creation and evolution, this film of life as destructive force to the living, of disappointed fathers never to be pleased, of beauty and wonder with their hostile guts, of a world where a repressed inferiority complex gets a nasty physical shape – is the high-end gear and the state of the art vessel with which the expedition to a foreign planet is undertook. The thing I…