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  • Mandy



    Film 1 of Daily Horror Hunt 16
    Task 28 - Watch any horror movie that includes a woman's name in the title.

    This is one of the best films that has ever been released in my lifetime. it does everything right, from the performances to the lighting, to that soundtrack.

    Nic Cage gives the best performance that he has ever given as a man who has everything taken away from him by a cult and cannibalistic biker game and becomes…

  • The Blob

    The Blob


    Film 1 of Hopptober 6.0
    1 of 6 films from before 1966

    Pretty fun B-movie with some really good effects for the time with the scene in the spook show being the standout. The plot is pretty average with teenagers seeing a big Jell-O alien and nobody believes them until the climax. Some of the characters were annoying like the little kid but his scenes are few and far between. It still a pretty fun movie that and the filmmakers did the best with what little money that they had. That theme was pretty good too.

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  • Bone Tomahawk

    Bone Tomahawk


    film #1 of Hooptober (1/33)
    3 people eating people (non-zombie) (1/3)

    From someone who was raised on western film and having seen my fair share of both good and bad westerns, Bone Tomahawk is great western. everything is just clicks from the writing, to acting, to it's deliberately slow story, to the use of practical effects in 2015 movie, which just made so happy.

    Kurt Russell brings back the swagger that he had in Tombstone and proves that he is…

  • Se7en



    Film #11 of Scavenger Hunt 46
    Task #26 - something STARRING AN ACTOR FROM GLEE

    its the film that made David Fincher into the film filmmaker that we all know and love today and it has my favorite Morgan Freeman performance. With the Sloth Scene being the highlight of the film.