Slither ★★★

Film #4 of Daily Horror Hunt #15
Task #26 - Watch any film tagged both Horror and Science Fiction.

Gory and disgusting doesn't do this film justice but, it also a fun little ride.

This was James Gunn's first film as a director after spending time as a screenwriter, most notably for Troma, some remake of a zombie movie from the 70s I think it was called Zombi or something another. and most importantly both of the Scooby-Doo films. And this film really shows the flair and humor that comes in his later films.

The film has dome really good acting in it. especially from Gregg Henry who stole that show as the Mayor and had me cracking up every time he showed up. And any movie that uses practical effects for a film like this deserves some kind of attention,

But with that being said the film does have its downfalls. The story is meh and it just feels like a run of the mill alien invasion film. and none of the characters were really all that interesting to me.

in all, this is not a bad film. it's competently made, it has some great gore effects and has some really strong humor but it's let down by an okay script and is better served as a platform for a director who would go on to bigger and better things.