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  • Red Dawn

    Red Dawn


    Guy from drake & josh had to give one of the worst young adult performances I've seen in a movie.

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    This movie is one amazing acid trip. The score, cinematography, and framing of shots, made it a crazy experience. So many tense scenes that were improved when the score kicks in.

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  • Recess: School's Out

    Recess: School's Out


    Somebody mentions the words "heist film" to you, what did you just think of? That's right, Recess: School's out. A film truly ahead of its time in every aspect of film making. Breaking down stereotypical barriers and changing the movie scene for good, recess takes risks and blows minds in a ways never seen before. The gang is back together led by TJ, the fearless leader and also features the nerd, fat guy, jock, bully, and other nerd. Through the power of friendship and hardwork, they accomplish their dreams and save the world, one playground at a time.

  • Gangs of New York

    Gangs of New York


    Daniel Day-Lewis kills it as Bill the butcher. Terrifying performance.