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  • Puppet Master: Axis Termination

    Puppet Master: Axis Termination


    Easily the best of the Axis trilogy in my opinion,not that this is really saying anything really. At least it lived up to is promise of a bloody conclusion with some nice use of the red stuff in parts,nothing to extreme here but going by past memory's this has to be the bloodiest entry in the series so far! Loved the jail bait looking Nazi with fingernails on one hand that looked a lot like Freddy Kruger's in that scene from part 3-sadly she never says lets get high! Worth a look but probably for FULL MOON die hard fans only!

  • Stunt Rock

    Stunt Rock


    Not really a film at all. More of a hard and fast hand job by Brian Trenchard-Smith for his favorite stuntman and rock band!??! Still,who cares when I can promise you excellent stunts that make the Fast and the Furious series look like the pretenders they are, including a draw dropping high wire act that has to be seen to be believed! Sorcery cannot act for toffee but who cares,at least there acts original...........

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  • Cell



    Dam that was bad. After an entertaining first few minutes involving scenes straight out of The Crazies-the good one-and a blink miss it surprise cameo from Tromas Lloyd Kaufman, unfortunately it goes downhill and very very silly very very quickly from there. End credits show production was 2014.........which says it all.

  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    Who Filmed This Shit??? reviews Captain America Civil War-which may as well have been called Avengers 2.5 or Iron Man 4 considering all the screen time Iron Man got......... Cannot go into details on the film without spoiling so just going to say this. Where DC fucked hard with Batman vs Superman,Marvel makes sweet love too instead.............Also going by what Ive seen here the new Spiderman movie should be in safe hands in casting this time......................