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  • Magnolia
  • Fargo
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Face/Off

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  • Closed for Storm


  • Out of Death


  • JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass


  • JFK


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  • Closed for Storm

    Closed for Storm


    Messy and unfocused, but it is still a surprisingly powerful documentary about the horrific damage caused by Hurricane Katrina as well as a ghostly tour through one of its casualties.

  • Out of Death

    Out of Death

    It’s a Bruce Willis movie produced by low-budget straight to video factory owner/ recurring cast member of Vanderpump Rules Randall Emmett that features his fellow co-star/now ex-girlfriend Lala Kent, so you know it’s gonna be so much worse than you could ever imagine. Maybe the only way to make this watchable is to see this through the lens of an On Cinema-esque fake movie within the show, because some of this filmmaking makes Decker look like Zero Dark Thirty. 


Popular reviews

  • Beanie Mania

    Beanie Mania


    Is “The Beanie Rap” eligible for best original song?

  • Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii

    Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii


    The On Cinema universe is a lot of things, including a gigantic multi-year multimedia commitment. It’s also quietly one of the best satires of conservatism in both the pre-Trump era as well as the entirety of the last four years. 

    Decker was created in 2014 and Tim Heidecker has acknowledged the character is based on Trump himself (pre-presidential run). This may also be why Decker/On Cinema is one of the only funny Trump satires. The brain-rot dead ending of conservatism…