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  • The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds

    The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds


    An agent is sent down to the Florida Everglades to break up a bootlegging gang. It's not long before the whole operation takes on a very horror feel to it.

    The script isn't that great and some of the acting is off even for the type of film that it is but there are some interesting scenes in it possibly just enough to get you through it, but probably only once.

  • Color Out of Space

    Color Out of Space


    It is difficult to do Lovercraft well, there is a reason his works are better in print. You can't really do indescribable horror that will drive you insane just to look upon it in a visual medium like film.

    However, Color out of Space has a good go of it. It combines quite stunning visuals with some good puppet work B-movie pulp action to deliver a really entertaining film. Though not all the performances were strong, they didn't always have the best to go on, there is easily enough here to satisfy.

    Also at some point Nick Cage seems to be channeling Donald Trump.

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  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    I thought this was a decent outing. the jokes are quite hit and miss but when they hit they're pretty good. It also doesn't lose itself and just become a straight horror. Well worth a watch.

  • The Day Shall Come

    The Day Shall Come


    Very good. typical Morris script and shows what the FBI and other organisations are doing with tax payers money.