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  • Vertigo
  • Raw
  • The Brothers Bloom
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

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  • Mean Girls

  • Love Lies Bleeding

  • Freaky Tales

  • Exhibiting Forgiveness

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  • Chunky Shrapnel

    Chunky Shrapnel


    This got at new 4k scan and 5.1 soundtrack this year! It's still not available for purchase anywhere, but it did get a new limited theatrical release for the new scan.

    Fortunately for me, one of the screenings was near Oakland. The small theater was filled with fans t-shirts for the band. Even the staff were wearing KGLW shirts and playing their music in the lobby.

    The opening Self-Immolate tease is cruel, but successfully gets me itching for more. Let…

  • Sleeping Monster

    Sleeping Monster


    I've been hoping this would get shown in a local theater since it came out last year, and it finally did!

    I really love this. The Changes demos over the slo-mo 16mm film sound and look so good. The performance that occupies the last half of the movie is mesmerizing.

    KGLW+John Angus Stewart are and artistic powerhouse. I can't wait for more from them.

    Watched at the Rialto Cinemas Elmwood in Berkeley.

Popular reviews

  • T



    I loved this one. It was a short but could have watched a full hour of it.

  • Self Discovery for Social Survival

    Self Discovery for Social Survival


    This was great. It's pretty much just beautiful surf footage paired with a great original score from start to finish. I was hoping for a more words and personality from the surfers and musicians in it but even without that I enjoyed this a lot.

    A couple things made this special for me:

    First, I got to see the premiere at the Palace Theater in LA with a live score by Allah Las, Connan Mockasin, and Andrew VanWyngarden, and a…