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  • Explorers


    Needed something to wash LIGHTYEAR out of my mouth. Flaws and all, at least this movie is filled with the kind of wonder, camaraderie, and earnestness that could get some little kid excited about space, science fiction, and friendship. Even if the movie was the three kids hanging around and building shit, it would be 1000 times more inspirational and emboldening than Pixar's disastrously misguided attempt at mythmaking heroics.

  • Lightyear


    Fucking Pixar. They had one job: make an exciting Buzz Lightyear movie that they could point to and say, "yes, a little boy in 1995 could have seen that and become a crazed Buzz Lightyear fan." And what did they do? Make "Buzz Lightyear" the fucking bad guy. Fuck this thing. Pixar has finally hit rock bottom.


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  • Verotika



    Every choice is the wrong choice.

    That's just my gut reaction while watching it. Really you could talk about this thing for hours.

  • The House of Tomorrow

    The House of Tomorrow


    Total blind watch, I had no idea what I was getting into when I walked into a somewhat forgotten indie theater here in SoCal. In the end I was charmed by this sweet little flick, although little is the operative term here. This film is low-key, kind of low-stakes in a way that might turn off viewers looking for a more demanding narrative or characters. The set-up is very simple; sheltered kid, through happenstance, winds up meeting a not so…