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  • Hustlers



    Who won Best Actress this year? Renee Zellweger? Yeah, J Lo got robbed.

    Scafaria's script is good, and her direction is confident, but not inspired. I love her previous films; wish I loved this. Still, gotta love her love for and dedication to Scott Walker.

    Most fitting thing Cardi will ever do, and this time she didn't have to drug anybody, that we know of.

  • Until the End of the World

    Until the End of the World



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  • The House of Tomorrow

    The House of Tomorrow


    Total blind watch, I had no idea what I was getting into when I walked into a somewhat forgotten indie theater here in SoCal. In the end I was charmed by this sweet little flick, although little is the operative term here. This film is low-key, kind of low-stakes in a way that might turn off viewers looking for a more demanding narrative or characters. The set-up is very simple; sheltered kid, through happenstance, winds up meeting a not so…

  • Verotika



    Every choice is the wrong choice.

    That's just my gut reaction while watching it. Really you could talk about this thing for hours.