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  • Lake Mungo

    Lake Mungo


    Saddest scary movie ever.
    It's a devastatingly emotional horror movie and the success of sticking the landing here is the fact that it was shot on standard definition video. The movie couldn't work as well as it does if it were shot on 35mm film. This is a case where the formats perceived weaknesses become it's strengths.

  • Where Is The Friend's House?

    Where Is The Friend's House?


    Not a wasted shot in this whole movie. There are no missteps. Everything serves a purpose. Oh, and if you're just interested in aesthetics, Abbas Kiarostami has got you sorted. This is beautifully composed and the new restoration provides a good amount of clarity so you can take in the Iranian architecture and lifestyle easily. A great film by cinemas ultimate humanist. Straight forward emotionally charged narrative with plenty of poetic undercurrents to ponder under the surface if you wish.

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  • Shanghai Express

    Shanghai Express


    Marlene Dietrich's facial expressions and body language are so cinematic.

  • Arrival



    The best first contact style Alien film I've ever seen and a fascinating exploration of language and communication. A stunning performance from Amy Adams makes it easy to emotionally invest in the experience.

    The screenplay is complex and thought provoking without feeling pretentious or sloppy and achieves its end game in under 2 hours. A treat in this day and age where forgettable and padded superhero films and fantasy flicks typically clock in at least 20 minutes longer than this.